Tip Your Cap – The Official Blog Site of “The Guy In The Tie”

I’ve been wanting to add some cool content from team contributors and introduce guest authors to our growing base of Digmi fans and customers for quite a while now. Every time I was ready to start to work on this concept, another project or opportunity presented itself, pulling our team in a different direction, and leaving this on the back burner. I guess you can say thats a good thing, right? Busy is good. And I can tell you that we have been crazy busy this past year. I’m sure many of you have heard about of our debuts at Bloomindale’s, Tilly’s and Lids. Crazy to think that our story and brand have gone from selling tee shirts in minor league clubhouses to landing on the shelves of some of our favorite retailers, isn’t it?

Well, we still are crazy busy. I don’t think that is going to change anytime soon, or at least I hope not. We have a lot of great things to design, products to offer, and a story to keep telling. But with all of that, I think it’s time that we just start writing and sharing cool, creative content from some incredibly talented people. People that are part of our team, people that have inspired and motivated us along our journey, and people that continue to influence so many with their positive messages.

Welcome to Tip Your Cap, the official blog site of “The Guy In The Tie”, a platform offering articles & video content focusing on fashion, sports and pop-culture.

We are new to this. We are not seasoned writers or experienced journalists. We will never claim to be. We are just a bunch of passionate people who believe that hard work pays off and if you keep pushing forward, you’re bound to find your way. So here goes nothing. Get ready to Tip Your Cap to honesty, creativity, and passionate personality.

Thanks for stopping by!

– Ray Digmi

Founder/Editor In Chief




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